About Us

About Us

Established in 2022, iDEA medical is a Russian based medical technology company that provides turnkey medical solutions across several healthcare sectors to achieve the best possible healthcare delivery.

Who we are?

Our diversified portfolio has grown through strategic partnerships that have positioned us as a leading medical distributor in Russia and CIS countries.
Born from the need to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology, iDEA medical recognised a need for innovative medical solutions that not only enriched patient health outcomes but equipped healthcare providers with the resources to enhance value-based care across the healthcare supply chain.
Inspired by the concept of ‘changing lives using technology,’ we embarked on a mission that focused on transformation as a core growth driver.

What we do?

Breaking barriers, creating value.

Our mission is anchored in changing lives through technology. Through our partnerships with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a range of specialised medical devices, equipment, and supplies that enable us to break down the barriers that impede access to healthcare.

Why we do it?

Without a purpose, what will we be passionate about?

For us, challenging the conventional is at the core of everything we do. From reshaping service delivery models to introducing world-class medical technologies in new markets, our pursuit of becoming a leading and trusted solutions provider is the driving force behind our innovations.


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